About Candidate

Kathy McCullough-Testa brings a unique voice to the table.


Kathy grew up in a middle-class neighborhood in southwestern Pennsylvania. Her mother is a retired public school teacher and her father is a retired public school administrator. She is the oldest of two children. Growing up, she enjoyed gardening and attending baseball games with her dad; helping her mom with her lesson plans and teaching macrame’ classes; and riding bikes throughout the neighborhood with her family and friends.


Her dad, Hugh, was a Vietnam veteran—and a lifelong Republican who worked hard and saved it all for the last day. He led a small advertising and Public Relations agency of his own in Cincinnati, Ohio…


Her mother, Dorothy, had a tough childhood—and she inspired Marta’s lifelong commitment to helping every child live up to his or her God-given potential.


Also she attended public schools and was a Girl Scout. She also played for local women’s football team.

Fighting for the Middle Class


After high school, Marta attended the Wharton School of Finance…

“We arrived at New Hampshire 4 years ago and since then we found, as all of us have found, that there was a gap between expectation and realities. But it wasn’t a discouraging gap, and it didn’t turn us into cynical, bitter old men at the age of 18. It just inspired us to do something about that gap”

While in college, which was right about the time the civil rights movement has been around, Marta became involved with social justice activism. Her college-mates chose her to be the first-ever student speaker at Wharton 1997 commencement ceremony.


After graduating from the college Marta didn’t give up her work in social sphere and continued studying in New Hampshire School of Law where she studied trial advocacy, public human rights. She got a rich experience working in Women’s Organization.


In 2012 Marta ran for the President for the first time….

Fighting for Children & Families

Marta was appointed to the position of Head of US Women’s Organization in 2015 and was awarded as the most successful head of social organization. Marta gained great results in organization of work of social organization and in improving life conditions of low-income groups.While working as a Head Marta used her position to make human rights and socio-economic justice a central talking point of all U.S. foreign initiatives. She visited many towns and families with low income to check herself the living conditions and to evaluate the scope of assistance these families need. She also organized support desks in supermarkets where volunteers collect clothes for poor people.The Woman Organization, under Marta’s leadership has been able to achieve amazing results in helping families, women and children. New Hampshire supports her and Marta’s rating in her native region is impressive! Her political program is close to all people as she emphasizes on social and human values and better future.