Let’s talk experience.

I have always served my community. Service was instilled in me at a young age from my public school teacher parents, as well as from small town public schools and my neighborhood where we all worked together to support and lift each other up on a daily basis. My parents still live in that community and so do many of my childhood friends.

My first elected experience was when I ran for a town council seat in my hometown. I was only 25 when I knocked on every door in my community and won that race. I was excited to hold my first elected position and work hard for the small town where I lived.

My hometown has always had its challenges since it is land-locked, doesn’t have a growing tax base, and has a number of residents on fixed incomes. At that time, we were relying on state police to help protect us because we couldn’t afford our own police force. While I was on council we were able to reestablish our police force; provide additional funding for our all-volunteer fire department; establish a parks and recreation program; increase resident communication; and work with our county commissioners and Army Corps of Engineers to implement a flood mitigation plan as our town’s creek watersheds flooded regularly.

During that time, I also served as secretary/treasurer of our Tri County Borough’s Association; chair of our Parks and Recreation Committee; and was active in various community organizations.

In working with our county leaders, I decided I wanted to do more. In 1993, at the age of 29, I ran countywide for the Recorder of Deeds position. I worked a full time job while campaigning across a county of over 850 square miles with over 200,000 residents. I knocked on doors, made phone calls, and attended every event imaginable from bingos to civic meetings to gun shows to wild game dinners. On the evening of November 2, 1993, I won that race and in January of 1994 was sworn in as Recorder of Deeds.

As Recorder of Deeds, I was responsible for a multi-million dollar budget, a staff of mostly union employees, and ensuring our community’s mortgages and deeds were processed quickly and accurately.

I was recognized nationally and regionally in diverse publications including Pittsburgh Business Times, Government Technology, and Common Ground (a publication of the PA Land Title Association) for my work in both modernizing the office by fully digitizing all records by moving from a completely paper-based to a fully computer-based system and for implementing generally accepted accounting principles within the office. This work also led to the first-ever perfect audits in the office’s modern history and a commendation from the state’s auditor general, as well as an increase in office revenue as a direct result of my introducing new business processes and technologies. Additionally, I wrote and received a grant from the state archives to preserve office documents dating back to the 1700’s realizing the need to preserve and protect our history.

While serving as Recorder of Deeds, I was a member of the PA Land Title Organization, board member of the National Association of County Recorders and Clerks, and member of the County’s Realtors Association. I also worked regularly with our county board of commissioners.

Yes, this all happened in the mid 90’s while I was in my late 20’s and early 30’s. It was nearly 30 years ago when I got my start in public service and I have been active ever since.

So, what does this bit of history mean for us today? And our Dare County Commission?

It means so very much.

• I have decades of experience in managing and overseeing large budgets.
• I will work tirelessly for the citizens of our county.
• I have experience in working with large and diverse groups of constituents.
• I have worked with citizens, business leaders, and other members of our community to move things forward and make things better.
• I know what a geographically and economically diverse community needs.
• I have the experience as a certified Project Management Professional to help manage all levels of projects that will help move our county forward.
• I am not afraid of learning, hard work, or challenge.
• I have decades of experience in public administration, project management, coalition building, finance, team building, and community involvement.
• I am ready to be your commissioner day one.

By electing me as your next Dare County Commissioner, I will bring my unique and well-rounded professional and community experience to make sure all of our voices are represented and heard.

You have my promise.